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What are some Types of Bullying?

  • Verbal bullying

    • Name-calling, teasing, threatening with harm


  • Physical bullying

    • Hitting/kicking/pinching, tripping/pushing, taking or destroying someone’s things, making rude hand gestures


  • Social bullying

    • Leaving someone out on purpose, spreading rumors, embarrassing someone in front of others


  • Cyberbullying

    • Sending mean texts or e-mails, spreading rumors online, posting embarrassing pictures or videos.


For someone with short stature, being bullied could be someone calling you names or insulting you for being shorter, trying to embarrass you in front of other kids for being different from them or for not being able to do something as easily because of your size, leaving you out of a group on purpose, or trying to pick you up or swing you around against your will. 

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